Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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About This Session

Constructivist Teaching With Technology: Learning With Laptops

Arapahoe High School has implemented a three-year staff development program focusing on constructivism and the use of technology to create a more student-centered approach to teaching and learning. For the past two years, teachers have met approximately once every three weeks to explore learning theory (constructivism), teaching practices (pedagogy), and the use of technology to facilitate learning (21st century learning skills). We have placed a computer and LCD projector in every classroom and have implemented three wireless laptop classrooms. This presentation will focus on the classroom implementation of 21st century learning skills and include specific classroom examples.

  • Participants will receive an overview of the staff development process focusing on constructivism, technology as a tool to enhance student learning, and collaboration within and among different departments.
  • Participants will hear of the impact on our classroom practices as a result of our study of constructivism and 21st century learning skills.
  • Participants will see the purpose behind creating a Professional Learning Environment in their classroom. The arrangement of the classroom is key to building effective collaboration among students as well as between students and teacher, and raises the level of expectation among students for producing quality learning.
  • Participants will see student reflection on their work in a laptop classroom and the changes that have occurred for them both as a learner (consumer) and as a teacher (producer).
  • We will share classroom examples including the use of :
    - blogging for reflective, collaborative, critical thinking, and professional purposes creating a school-wide learning community
    - wikis as a review tool, to foster collaborative research among students, to create study guides by and for the students, and to create class-specific textbooks
    - online texts to allow students to interact with the text, document their learning, enhance classroom learning, and collaborate with peers
    - online peer editing, where students examine each others work and reflect upon their own
    - podcasting, where students create content for themselves, the community and the world
    - digital storytelling as a reflection on an entire semester’s learning based on an inquiry approach.
  • Participants will see the application of software and online resources including Blogger, PBWiki/WikiSpaces, Microsoft Photo Story 3, Audacity, Odeo, Google Docs, Skype, and Microsoft Word.
  • Participants should have a willingness to learn and a belief that students and teachers can change the world.

    http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/ – Our staff development blog.

    http://www.lps.k12.co.us/schools/arapahoe/fisch/fischbowlpresentations.htm - Fischbowl “Trilogy” of Presentations.

    http://learningandlaptops.blogspot.com/ – Our blog exploring/documenting the use of laptop computers.